Welcome to the Panama Posse Rally

www.PanamaPosse.com has all the info but we are happy to give you a good overview here

What is the Panama Posse Rally?

The Panama Posse rally is safe and social cruising seasonal social platform. We provide you with tools to go cruising together, or on your own, but it isn’t a race! This Rally is about sailing the coast with fellow sailors, making new friends and making acquaintances. Each season you will feel confident and prepared, having information, support and friendship at sea.

In our rally we collect data about your boat, the tracks, your ports of calls and we encourage you to use your engine for propulsion as well as charging the batteries, so this isn’t a race!

There is no obligation to join any of the activities along the way. If you prefer to simply cruise at your own pace with you do so – our motto is and always will be


The Panama Posse

When you are ready join a rally, we provide you with a comprehensive rally tool set.

Before you join a rally consider to sail down to Barra De Navidad and learn with us. We run a range of in-depth seminars and quick panel discussions Barra de Navidad . These are a great way to start planning your time away.

To sign up visit www.panamaposse.com/sign-up/